In business since 1970.We provide world wide 

 mechanical  and air conditioning services.

Who else can provide  you

cooling along 24 hours , all over the

 days of the week and  for many years ?




The domestic will be afraid while thinking about  how it  would be difficult for him to provide cooling  with the  ostrich plumes, but this is not the case  with the ACI air conditioners which provide cooling  and perfect relaxation for many years and without  problems.Every compressor was designed with high compression agents that cools and filtrates the air very rapidly. In addition, each machine is warranted for  a full year without any condition.That means that you will be provided forever with cool and fresh air whatever the outside temperature is.But these aren't the only reasons for choosing ACI because the technological features that are found in the machines facilitates on you taking the decision.For  example,ACI air conditioners are characterized with absolute silence.Also,they are designed to fight all kinds of bacteria in the air.The controlling keys let you control the temperature and the direction of air in the room.Finally,the odor removal feature provides you fresh and healthy air.All these characteristics are difficult jobs to be done by the domestic ,but in fact ,they are very easy jobs for ACI , the  world wide leader in air conditioners.



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